About Us

Locate Barbados is a Barbadian-owned online blog.

Our Beginnings

It started with a simple frustration; trying to find soy candle wax.

It has always been difficult to find specific products, their prices and sellers in Barbados, through online research. This was proven true as the hunt for soy wax began. The search lasted 3 weeks. Eventually, after a resounding failure, it was made clear that word of mouth was the only option. But even that ended in misery. It turned out that not even the most observant Gran could help. So what do you do when your friends and family don’t know where you can find what you’re looking for? You turn to the internet.

Unfortunately, Google did not provide answers either. There was no trace of raw soy candle wax sellers in Barbados, no matter the keywords used. It was by pure chance that a few weeks later, a friend found a small business on Instagram that was able to provide raw soy candle wax.

But why should we leave finding what we want to chance?

Locate Barbados was born from that simple question. It was this inconvenience, that we felt needed to be addressed on a wider scale. From candle wax, to jigsaws to scholarships, Barbadians should be able to find products and services that help them directly.

So, we took the bull by the horns. We locate your wants and needs across Barbados. We find what you are looking for.

The idea truly took shape in November 2020. It evolved into an online interactive magazine. After 3 months of production, the website officially launched in early March 2021.

The future of Locate Barbados

Our goal is to create a one-stop shop to find information about Barbados and the products and services we have available. When we are in full swing, you will be able to find almost any product in Barbados, giving details including price and quality.

This website is mainly catered towards residents of Barbados and those who plan to visit for long stays. Tourists may also find interesting information about Barbados here, if they are looking for a more authentic Bajan experience.

If you are looking for anything, from office furniture to the best deals on corned beef, Locate Barbados is where you can find your answers.

This is just the beginning of our journey. We have many innovative and interesting ideas to help bring the Barbadian community together. This is the information age, and we intend to make sure Barbadians are fully immersed!

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Locate Barbados is about getting to know you, the businesses that run our economy. Tell us about you, including your products, services and prices and we will talk about you! Find the next supplier or sale through us!

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