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Are you fed up, frustrated, annoyed or anxious about your dog's bad behaviour? I can help you! I have the knowledge, the education and over 30+ years experience to help you solve your problems. FUN, EFFECTIVE, QUICK & EASY.

Does he bite, destroy, disobey, jump up on you?? DON'T COMPLAIN - TRAIN your dog in just 10 minutes a day.
Our Obedience Training & Problem Solving Solutions Programs consist of -
* Teaching YOU to train your dog to SIT, LIE DOWN, COME, STAY & WALK properly on a leash.
* STOP chewing, nipping, jumping, digging, destruction, barking, stealing food, etc
* Learn how to handle your dog so you can brush, clean ears and clip nails.
* Housetraining
* Behaviour Modification for Aggressive &/ Nervous Dogs.
* Learn about Nutrition, Fleas & Ticks, Health Issues, etc.
* Learn how to Show your Purebred Dog.
We specialise in PUPPY TRAINING from as early as 8 weeks old. Don't wait until they are too big and have loads of bad habits to break. Train them the right way from young! Our methods are gentle and humane for young pups!
Any age, any breed, mixed breeds - we train Pitbulls too!
The only Certified Professional Dog Training (CPDT-KA) with the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers in Barbados.
Call for RELIABLE, EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE SERVICE - If I say I'm coming, I'm coming, and if I'm late, I will call. If you do as you are taught, you will be successful! If you don't train, well then, don't complain. :D
We are always striving to find better ways of improving our understanding, relationship and training methods with dogs through education.
Contact LISA WHITE @ 243-4338 (c).
Our trainer - Lisa White CPDT-KA uses Modern, Reward-based, Humane Training Methods using Positive Reinforcement eg Lure & Reward, Clicker Training to ensure that dogs and their owners are enjoying the learning process.
2016 & 2017 Marketing Chair of the international Association of Professional Dog Trainers.
2016 - Doggone Safe Dog Bite Prevention Presenter
2015 - 2017 - Family Paws Parent Educator
In March 2014, Lisa took a rigorous exam with the Certificate Council of Professional Dog Trainers to become the only Certified Professional Dog Trainer in Barbados.
2013 - Started her Crossing Over Journey to using Modern Force Free Methods of training.
2013 - Introduced Clicker Training to Barbados.
2010 - Contributing author, Top Tips From Top Trainers (APDT, 2010)
2000 - Trained my 8 yr old Ridgeback to CD level, and she was always in the top three placing. This was a nervous dog yet managed to get a title at a ripe old age, proving you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.
1999 - Introduced Lure & Reward - Positive Training to Barbados
1999 - Certified Master Dog Trainer from North State K9 Academy
To date, only member in Barbados, of the well respected international Association of Pet Dog Trainers.
Wrote many articles for both the Barbados Advocate and the Nation Newspapers.
1991 - Earned a Diploma in Animal Science.
I am the first professional dog trainer here in the island to use treats as rewards in obedience training. When I first introduced it in 1999, it was met with great disbelief. I am pleased to see that many dog trainers in Barbados now use treats in their training program to teach and reward dogs.
Monday to Fridays at 8.30am or 4.30pm / 5pm / 5.30pm,
Saturdays at 8.30 / 9.30am / 10.30am / 4pm / 5pm
Sundays at 9am / 10am / 4pm / 5pm

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