Jigsaws in Barbados: A Price Comparison
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A jigsaw is a type of saw. Because of its thin blade, it is commonly used to cut curves and circles into wood. Jigsaws are often used to cut wood, but with the right blade, jigsaws can cut a variety of materials such as metal, tile and carpet. There are many places to get a jigsaw in Barbados.

Who Uses Jigsaws in Barbados?

jigsaws in Barbados, jigsaw in Barbados
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As long as you have a basic understanding of how the tool works, anyone can use a jigsaw in Barbados. Usually, though, jigsaws in Barbados are most often used by carpenters. Bajan carpenters often carry jigsaws in their tool boxes because of how versatile and useful the tool is. Besides carpenters, persons who specialize in woodwork and those interested in DIY projects can also find great use in jigsaws. 

Brands of Jigsaws in Barbados

There are a variety of hardware stores in Barbados which sell many brands of jigsaws. The following brands produce jigsaws that are sold locally in Barbados and a link to their reviews is listed.


Truper is a brand based in Latin America which specializes in exporting, importing and manufacturing a variety of hand tools. 



Skil is a power tool brand based in the USA. Skil’s products focus on the DIY consumer but also sell professional tools under SKILSAW.



Makita is based in Japan. This brand manufactures and distributes power tools globally.


Black & Decker

Black & Decker is an American tool manufacturer. This brand creates various power tools and caters to DIY customers.



This brand makes DeWalt power tool products for professional use. They make these tools for more intensive jobs, so they may be more suitable for professional carpenters.


Who Sells Jigsaws in Barbados?

TruperSkilMakitaBlack & DeckerDeWalt
Kooyman$249.99 –  $799.99$129.99$439.99
Carter’s$175.43$140.25 – $338.78
Ace H & B Hardware$112.99$311.20 – $505.50
Do IT Best$243.25$343.20$144.30 – $242.35$379.80 – $414.80
*All prices are listed in Barbadian Dollar currency

*The table above shows price comparison between 5 brands of jigsaws in Barbados

Not into DIY’s but you’re looking for a Carpenter in Barbados? We got you! Check out this list of local carpenters.

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