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Weddings are one of the most memorable days in a couples life. Often times, the wedding dress is one of the highlights of the ceremony. Therefore, picking a dress is one of the most difficult things for some women to do. Many search every nook and cranny for the perfect wedding dress in Barbados, and some never quite find it. So, if a store bought or rented dress just isn’t it, try a Bridal Designer.

Lester Welch

Welchwear Inc is a Barbados based company, focused on fashion and beauty. Known for his impeccable creativity and stunning dresses, Welch is a force to be reckoned with. This Bajan fashion designer offers unique designs and the full fairy tale princess experience. Fortunately, he is not difficult to find.

Follow him on Instagram, visit his website or click below to message him on WhatsApp.

Pauline Bellamy

This fashion icon is often the first name mentioned when Bajans talk fashion. With a wide portfolio and awards behind her name, Pauline Bellamy creates breathtaking clothing, including her eloquent wedding dresses. These gowns make a statement, with brides looking flawless on their wedding day. If you are looking for a wedding dress in Barbados, Ms. Bellamy is an excellent option.

Visit her on Instagram to take a deep delve into her extensive portfolio or call her at +1 (246) 425-7838.

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Jaye Applewaite

Jaye Applewaite is a Barbadian wedding dress designer. She focuses on creating ‘light, airy, feminine and effortless’ aesthetic in her designs. These magnificent dresses are eye catching, with a heavy focus on lace and other light flowing materials. Ms. Applewaite is worth looking into as you hunt for the prefect wedding dress in Barbados.

Contact her via email at or visit her website’s contact us page.

Arielle Rock

Arielle Rock is a Bridal Designer in Barbados, with a portfolio of exquisite dresses. She makes a wide array of clothing including masks and baby clothing. Her Instagram tells the tale of her skill, showcasing mesmerizing dresses, including unique designs with some of an almost Bohemian aesthetic. She is a great option if you are looking for a custom wedding dress in Barbados.

For a consultation, message her on WhatsApp by clicking below or email

Alexis Dion

Alexis Dion Bridal Designer in Barbados

With a diverse portfolio and unparalleled skill, Alexis Campbell offers dresses, suits and more for almost any occasion. Many of the pictures on her Instagram showcase her skill with dresses for baby showers and a variety of gowns for outings. However, she also creates stunning wedding dresses. If you are interested, message her on WhatsApp by clicking below or call 265-2057.

Find your dream wedding dress in Barbados

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There are so many talented fashion designers in Barbados. You are sure to find someone who can make the dress you have pictured yourself in, from the time your partner proposed. Give any of these designers a call to start your journey to your happily ever after.

If you are a wedding dress designer in Barbados, send us an email at with your details, so that we can talk about you!

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