Best Wings In Barbados: Satiate Your Cravings

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Bajans love their wings! If they aren’t flocking to Chefette for the Wing Dings specials, they are hunting down anywhere that sells “Dolla Wings”. Honestly, wings are a delicious snack and are so diverse that you can enjoy them in many different ways. So it’s no surprise they are a popular choice. If you are having a hankers for this mouth-watering meal, let’s discuss a few of the many places that sell wings in Barbados.

Delon’s Bar & grill

If you are looking for large fried wings along with macaroni pie, chips, or rice, Delon’s is the place for you. Their chicken has a unique and gentle flavor that stands out among others, and it pairs well with their sides. Located in the Crane St. Philip, this little bar is tucked away and an excellent spot for those in St. Philip to pick up Saturday lunch.

Made with Luv

Made with Luv Wings in Barbados

Open only on Fridays is Made with Luv. They sell various Bajan-style meals, including roasted corn, soups, lamb and rice, fish and chips, seafood bags, and more! They even sell breakfast items! In addition, they offer pick-up and delivery and have an active Instagram page loaded with pictures of their food. They offer fried wings, paired with Mexican style corn, all for just $20! Learn more in the listing below, and remember to place your order for Friday!

Spot On

Located in Flat Rock St. George is Spot On. Products, prices, and service are Spot On! Have delicious BBQ or fried wings delivered to your door, or choose from their fantastic menu. You can find breadfruit chips, pork, fried marlin, BBQ chicken, pizza, wraps, chicken tenders, stuffed plantain, and more!

Planet Juice

Wings in Barbados

You can find Planet Juice upstairs in the annex of Sheraton Mall. They are a one-stop-shop for fresh T-shirt Prints, food, and entertainment. If you are looking for delicious wings in Barbados for as little as $16, Planet Juice is the place to drop by. In addition to wings, you can find burgers, breadfruit chips, fried calamari, alfredo, waffles, tenders, and more!

Wings Shack

Wings Shack Wings in Barbados

The appropriately named Wing Shack is known for its array of wing options. For those who love wings, you have the choice of Traditional Fired Wings, Homemade Sweet BBQ, Thai Sweet Chili, and Dings going for $3.50 for one chicken wing. As a side, you have the option of chips, garlic bread, and plantain. If you love the food, but you’re not feeling like having wings, you can have chicken tenders, thighs, drumsticks, and more! Call or message them for more details!

West Bar

According to their Facebook page, “West Bar & Restaurant is the premier outdoor bar on the exclusive West Coast of Barbados.” They are located in Limegrove Lifestyle Centre St. James. If you are looking for Korean BBQ wings, this is the place to go. So grab your wings for $30 and enjoy the atmosphere on the West of our little island!

Lord of the Wings

Wings, beer, and hookah! Lord of the wings is a popular spot in Barbados to enjoy delicious food and have some fun! For $16, you can pick up a platter with wedges or chips and a salad. You also have the option of boneless chicken wings! Flavors include Buffalo Suicide, Hot Buffalo, BBQ Hot and Spicy, Sweet Chili, Orange Ginger, Carmelo Wine, Teriyaki BBQ Classic, and Traditional Wings. Aside from their namesake, Lord of the Wings sells burgers, Mozzarella sticks, nachos, savory crepes, wraps, and an array of desserts.

Wings 246

If you are looking for a Dolla wing, Wings 246 is the place to get them! Wings and chips and fish and chips are available every Thursday and Saturday from this establishment. You can WhatsApp them for more details!

Finding restaurants that sell wings in Barbados is not a difficult task. From Home restaurants to major chains, this delicious snack is always available. If none of these options tickled your fancy check out our ever growing list of restaurants with many flavors of wings!

Would you rather make the wings yourself? Check out this Bajan recipe for BBQ chicken wings from My Bajan Cooking!

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