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delivery in Barbados

Throughout history, Caribbean islands have become home to a wide variety of cultures. We can see the influence of the fusion of cultures throughout many aspects of the Caribbean lifestyle, especially in our food. Barbados is one such Caribbean island with a very delicious and diverse food palette, which is why it is a must have for restaurants to have delivery in Barbados.

Barbados is home to a collection of restaurants that specialize in many types of food. From curries, to wings, to seafood, Barbados has it all. While spectacular views and an amazing ambience often accompany the food from restaurants in Barbados, sometimes it is more convenient to have food delivered to your doorstep.

If you are looking for delivery restaurants in Barbados, this is the page for you. Keep reading to find out more about restaurants that offer food delivery in Barbados.

Which restaurants offer delivery in Barbados?

Both fast-food chains like Chefette, KFC, Chicken Barn and restaurants Bubbas, Soul Bites and Happy Taco offer delivery in Barbados. Even small businesses like Cornerstone Pizza, Kenny’s and We Bout Food deliver! Each has different operation hours and delivery times so read on to find out more!

Fast-Food Chains

burger and fries delivery in barbados
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Chefette is definitely the top fast-food chain that offers delivery in Barbados. Like any typical fast-food restaurant, Chefette’s menu offers a wide variety of options, like burgers, fried chicken, sandwiches and more. You can even get some ice cream for dessert while you’re there. 

Chefette is constantly offering specials, so if you’re looking for something tasty and cheap, Chefette is one of the top delivery restaurants in Barbados. You can visit their website to place your orders.


When looking at fast food delivery in Barbados, KFC, a worldwide fast-food restaurant, is also a pretty great option. Fried chicken is one specialty of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Here also offers a variety of side dishes, like macaroni salads, corn on the cob and biscuits.

KFC also offers several specials. This restaurant is another great option if you want fast food delivery in Barbados. Just call the number 1 (246) 537-8888 to place your orders!

Burger King

Burger King, compared to Chefette and KFC, is one of the newer kids on the fast food block. This fast-food restaurant sells many burgers that would make for a great lunch.

Burger King is a great fast food delivery restaurant in Barbados. You can place your orders via the Hopscotch food delivery website.

Little Caesars

Little Caesars is one of the newest fast-food restaurants in Barbados/ Unlike the typical fast-food restaurant though, Little Caesars menu is all pizza! From delicious pepperoni pizzas to yummy vegetarian pizzas, Little Caesars has got it all!

Little Caesars is one of the best fast-food restaurants in Barbados! To place orders, visit the Hello Food Barbados website or download the app.

Chicken Barn

Chicken Barn is your typical fast-food restaurant with a little twist. Instead of fried chicken, Chicken Barn provides you with delicious rotisserie chicken! If you’re looking for a getaway from fried food but you’re still trying to stay within budget, Chicken Barn is the Place for you.

Head on over to Hopscotch to place your orders. A hot steaming rotisserie chicken is only one order away!


plate of grilled barbeque delivery in barbados
Photo by Nerfee Mirandilla


Bubbas is one of the fancier restaurants in Barbados. Bubba’s menu comprises some Bajan soul food classics like macaroni pie, fish cakes, and chicken. 

If you’re interested in food delivery in Barbados, visit Hopscotch and place your order there!

Soul Bites 

If you’re looking for good, authentic soul food, Soul Bites is the place to consider. Soul Bites sell soul food specialties like loaded fries, burgers, chicken wings and loaded macaroni.

You can place all your orders on Hopscotch!

Terry’s Food Truck 

Another great restaurant for delivery is Terry’s Food Truck. Bajan cuisine is what Terry’s menu is about. Items like oxtails, burgers and soups are all meals on the menu here. If you’re looking for a tasty, familiar meal, Terry’s Food Truck is the place for you!

. Terry’s Food Truck is also on Hopscotch, so head over there to place your orders!

Urban Kitchen

The Urban Kitchen is a great delivery restaurant that makes all our favourite foods. This restaurant’s menu comprises burgers, wings, pizza and more for you to try out. This restaurant is perfect for persons looking for simple yet delicious everyday meals.

You can find Urban Kitchen on the Hopscotch website as well.

Shan’s Vegan Shak

Shan’s Vegan Shak is a great delivery restaurant option for vegans and vegetarians. This place offers great vegan food, like vegan burgers, fries, spaghettis and rice. This is the perfect place to go if you want to take a break from meat.

If you want to order from this restaurant, call 1 (246) 828-6339.


Chutneys is an Indian cuisine delivery restaurant in Barbados. There are delicious rotis and curry prepared here at Chutneys. This restaurant has a variety of roti options, like chicken, saltfish, lamb and more. Food from Chutneys is the perfect example of incorporating Indian cuisine into the Caribbean food palette!

Chutneys uses the Hopscotch website, so if you want to order, head on over there! Delicious rotis await you!

Lemongrass Express

Lemongrass Express is a great delivery restaurant. This restaurant strives to make Thai food available for everyone, so they try to use as much gluten-free products as possible and accommodate as best as possible to those with allergies.

This restaurant offers delicious meals, like phad thai, udon noodles, phad stew and more. Visit them on Hopscotch to place your orders.

Just Grillin’

Just Grillin’ is a brilliant choice for food delivery in Barbados. This restaurant’s menu comprises grilled meats, fries, rice and more. If you’re looking for a casual yet delicious grilled meal, Just Grillin’ is the restaurant for you.

Just Grillin’ uses Hopscotch to carry out their deliveries, so just head to Hopscotch to place your orders!


Tapas is a restaurant specialising in delicious seafood cuisine. On their menus, you can find a variety of fish dishes and pastas, chicken, curries and desserts. If you’re looking for an immaculate dish, Tapas is the way to go.

You can place your orders on Hopscotch!

Bento Box

If you’re looking for sushi, Bento Box is the place to be. Bento Box is one of the top sushi places in Barbados. With high-quality dishes and a variety of options, Bento Box is definitely the restaurant to choose if you want to treat yourself.

You should definitely check out the menu to see all the amazing options Bento Box gives you. Head on over to Hopscotch to see the full and to place your orders.

Apsara Samudra

Apsara Samudra is one of the first North Indian and Thai fine dining restaurants in Barbados. This restaurant offers a wide variety of authentic North Indian and Thai dishes. From the Indian pankora to the Thai chicken panang, Apsara Samudra has got it all!

Visit Hopscotch to see their delicious menu and you’ll want to place your order then and there!

Bean n Bagel

Bean n Bagel is a cafe style restaurant. If you’re the type of person who loves breakfast items for lunch, this is the restaurant for you! Bean n Bagel offers an all day breakfast menu, along with a variety of other options, like salads, burgers, bagels and more!

If you’re craving a nice breakfast in bed in the afternoon, head over to Hopscotch to place your orders!

Happy Taco

Happy Taco, the name says it all! Here is a restaurant that specializes in making delicious tacos. This restaurant sells three types of delicious tacos which they have mastered. They also sell several side dishes, like fries, nachos and wraps.

Visit their listing on Hopscotch to find out more about those three tacos and place your orders while you’re there!

Citrine Salads

This restaurant is a total win for salad lovers! Citrine Salads is a restaurant which offers a variety of gourmet salads. Tired of your plain lettuce and tomato? Then look at Citrine Salads and their intriguing menu items like Freaky Falafel and Gym Junkie, to name a few.

 Order now on Hopscotch if you’re looking for a healthy and delicious meal, all rolled into one!

Ackee Tree Restaurant

Ackee Tree Restaurant is the perfect example of a blend of Caribbean foods done well. This restaurant offers both Barbadian and Trinidadian dishes, as well as Trinidadian street food. Ackee Tree Restaurant specializes in both cuisines, offering items like the Trinidadian Aloo Pies to the Barbadian fish cakes and bakes.

This restaurant hits all the marks for a good Caribbean delivery restaurant. Visit Hopscotch to place your orders!

vegetable salad delivery in barbados
Photo by Ella Olsson

Good food is indeed the way to soften one’s heart. All the restaurants listed above have got that message.

Each restaurant offers a variety of unique foods from different countries and cultures, yet all of them are great examples of what good quality food should be. Now that delivery in Barbados is becoming more widespread, we can now experience this delicious food without leaving the comfort of our homes. 

Now with this list, finding great restaurants delivering great food will no longer be a chore! Enjoy your meals everyone!

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