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Scholarship season is said to be between March and April annually. However, scholarships are open all year round. You just need to find them ahead of time. So for those early birds who want to keep a diary of scholarships for Barbadians, this article is just for you. Keep track of the scholarships dates so that you know when you can apply!

BNOCL Scholarships for SJPI students

Barbados Scholarships Locate Barbados

The Barbados National Oil Company Limited offers scholarships in Barbados for SPJI students each year. According to GIS Barbados, Human Resources Manager of BNOCL, Ronnie Gittens, stated “In recent years the industry has seen an increased demand for qualified persons in the technical skills area. This Memorandum of Understanding paves the way for multi-faceted opportunities to develop competencies in the areas of renewable energy, welding, motor vehicle engineering, electronics or related new and emerging studies.”

Additionally, two of the students with the highest GPA will be given internships with BNOCL. For more information on these scholarships and when to apply, call 418-5200. Ask to be connected to Human Resources.

The American University of Barbados

Since 2019, students interested in attending The American University of Barbados, have many scholarships opportunities. They award scholarships based on merit, community service of extra curricular activities ranging from 2000USD up to 20,000USD.

Barbados Scholarships

In addition, AUB offers Grants and Research awards.

Barbados Scholarships
Barbados Scholarships Locate Barbados

BAFFHE Scholarships

Bajans And Friends For Health Education Inc is an organization that provides two awards for students in accredited institutions of higher learning. One award goes toward tuition, while other covers book fees. You must be Barbadian or a club member and currently enrolled in school to apply.`

The BAFFHE Memorial Scholarship offers two $500 scholarships. On the other hand, the Ivan and Cordelia Daniel Book Scholarship offers $250. The deadline for these scholarships is November 1st each year.

For more information, email them at

Apply here

Ross University

Ross University carries many scholarships for students pursuing medicine. These include the MERP Success Scholarship, Ross Success Scholarship and more. With this in mind, Ross University offers a needs based scholarship for Barbadians. It is called the Ross Opportunity Grant. This award offers $500 to $40000. Check out the eligibility criteria below.


COB and BPWCCUL offer many scholarships for it’s members. Similarly, the Barbados Worker’s Union Cooperative Credit Union offers 7 scholarships for Barbadians. You must be a member to qualify. Each scholarship pays for a specific level of education, including one of the many tertiary level schools on the island.

These are the available scholarships.

  • Icilma Johnson Memorial Scholarship
  • Casper Roett Memorial Scholarship
  • Levere Richards Scholarship
  • Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic Scholarship
  • Barbados Community College

The scholarships range from children in completing the Common Entrance at 10 years old, to those entering tertiary education at 20 years old. Learn more about these scholarships below.

Canadian Scholarship Resources

If you are interested in studying in Canada, Educanada is a good place to find out about funding options. You can check their website yearly, to see when the scholarships are open and if you are eligible.

Find more scholarships!

There are so many options available for educational funding. See if any of these 11 scholarships for Barbadians apply to you.

Scholarships to keep on your radar

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Not everyone is looking for a scholarship this year. Some are just gathering information for the future. If that’s you, keep reading! These options are likely to be renewed annually or have simply expired for this year.

The Errol and Nita Barrow Educational Trust Award

Established in 1989, this scholarship was created to fund the studies of Barbadians and Commonwealth Caribbean citizens. Applicants must be between the ages for 22 and 45 years of ages, who wish to pursue post-graduate or equivalent study. Reach out before June 2021 to see if the scholarship returns this year.

Canada CARICOM Scholarship

The Canada CARICOM Scholarship recently expired. It is a short course scholarship for International students studying for an Undergraduate. Masters or PhD. The duration of the scholarship is up to six months. Check each January for this award.

The Commonwealth Scholarship

The UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office, offers and abundance for scholarships. They are for residents of Commonwealth countries. Depending on your country of residence, you are able to apply to the scholarship that fits your needs. Through this resource, Barbadians have access to the Commonwealth PhD Scholarships. Unfortunately, there are no undergraduate options from this organization.

According to Commonwealth Scholarships websites, the deadline for the applications for scholarships is usually in December. Check the scholarship specific to you, to find out the deadline.

Chinese Government & Hunan Province Scholarship (Expired)

Recently, the Chinese government and Hunan Province offered scholarships for Barbadians. The scholarship includes tuition, accommodation, a stipend and comprehensive medical insurance. The scholarship excludes airfare. If you are interested in taking your studies to East Asia, this many be the right option for you. These scholarships expired in February this year. Check in as early as November 2021 to apply.

Keep an eye out for these scholarships next year.

We have more scholarships available for you to check out!

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