Dog Trainers in Barbados; Find out why you should train your pup!

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When it comes to dog trainers in Barbados, you have a wide selection!

Many competent individuals devote themselves to helping your dog to become more obedient, loving, and considerate while teaching you as their owner how to handle them best. With their deep love and passion for pups, they even put their lives at risk to train aggressive dogs! So let’s talk about why you should train your dog and discover a few notable trainers that you can call to help you bond with and gain complete control of your dog.

Why should Barbadians train their dogs?

Dog Trainers in Barbados
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Before you consider getting a dog, it is essential to assess its impact on you, your family, and finances. A dog is a big responsibility, and while they are cute and fun to play with, they are still animals.

Descended from wolves, these adorable creatures retain some of their primitive instincts, even though they are a domesticated species. This means that any dog can become defensive and vicious when provoked, no matter how docile they may be. Unfortunately, an aggressive, fearful, or defensive dog may lead to someone being injured.

This is why it is essential to train your dog to listen to you and respect you. This gives you the freedom to invite others around your pup without fearing for their safety. In addition, you’ll be able to introduce your pup to other dogs; after all, a balanced and well-socialized puppy means a happy and non-threatening puppy.

When should I train my dog?

Dog Trainers in Barbados
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Dogs are trainable for most of their lives, and ideally, they should be less than 7 years old. However, it is best to train your dog when they are a puppy.

Puppies are empty slates with little to no set habits. However, they are curious, ready to learn, and eager to impress their owner. This means it may take less time to train a puppy’s basic commands and stop destructive behaviors before they develop into habits.

Training becomes a bit harder when you are training dogs older than a year or those that have passed their sexual maturity. You have to consider modifying and correcting behavior while teaching basic commands. This may take extra effort and more hours of commitment, but it is not an impossible task.

How long would it take to train my dog?

Everyone has a different idea of what a fully trained dog is. So, before discussing how long it will take to train a dog, we must first define what a trained dog is. 

A fully trained dog knows and understands all basic commands and some essential ‘advanced’ commands. In addition, they are well socialized with animals and humans and show no signs of aggression towards anyone. Fully trained dogs respect and trust their owners to make decisions for them. Additionally, they listen immediately to every command no matter what they are doing. They walk beside you without pulling on the leash and show no signs of possession or food aggression issues.

Dogs do not take long to learn commands. It may take intelligent and eager dogs just 30 minutes or less! On the flip side, some pups need a bit more patience and attention to master a command, but it wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes each day for 3 or so days. 

However, just because your dog knows commands does not mean that it will listen to you. Getting your dog to listen to each and every command can only be achieved if your dog fully trusts you and respects you. As a result, they feel safe and taken care of. This means that your dog will look to you for all decisions rather than having to think independently.

Reaching this point in training may take a year of constant effort from the owner. In some cases, it may take a little longer. However, consistent training, proper socialization with humans and dogs, and respect for your authority means that your dog will do anything you ask, without any questions. You may even be able to take a piece of chicken right out of their mouths as they eat, and they won’t attack you!

How many dog trainers are in Barbados?

Many Barbadians never consider training their dogs. Instead, they may opt to simply tie their dog in the backyard and leave them alone. While this is the only option for some folks, it is crucial to consider the possible consequences. There are quite a few dog trainers in Barbados, honestly more than you think. Slowly but surely, dog training is not seen as an “American thing to do” or an unnecessary part of dog ownership. Luckily, we have a few Bajan Dog Trainers for you to give a ring when you are ready to train your pup.

How much does a dog trainer in Barbados cost on average?

Each dog trainer has a different style, technique, and method to their training. Therefore, trainers usually offer a pay-by-session option or a lump-sum payment for courses of varying lengths or packages. While all follow a similar baseline, each trainer may set up standard classes, group classes, or one-on-one sessions to train your dog. 

In addition, trainers may offer different types of training, depending on what you want from the relationship with your dog. The most common and vital training your dog should receive is obedience training. It is the most popular form of dog training in Barbados. However, you can request agility training and behavioral modification training as well.

Before deciding on how a dog should be trained, dog trainers offer assessments to get to know your dog and the environment in which they live. This information is vital to understanding what your dog needs to become healthy, happy, and obedient. Often times dog trainers charge $100 for 30mins to 1hr assessment.

Dog trainers in Barbados usually charge $75 – $150 per session, with most landing around $100 per session for their services. Each class is used to bond with the dog, teach commands and teach the owner how to train and bond with their dog to create a strong relationship built on mutual respect.

Dog trainers that offer packages may separate each course by what commands are taught and how much behavioral modification is needed. Courses can start at $300 and can reach beyond $1200 based on the length of the course and what you and your pup require.

Now, let’s get to know some dog trainers in Barbados

Red Dog – Shanika Thompson

Red Dog is a dog training business in Barbados. It is run by Shanika Thompson, a passionate dog trainer with a bright and cheery disposition and a deep love for dogs. She believes that dog training is a family affair and brings members closer together as they bond with their pup. Red Dog offers personal at-home classes and packages that you can choose from that meet your pups’ needs. 

They visit you at home each week for classes and include socialization in many of their packages. In addition, they offer obedience training, leash training, and behavioral modification training. Check out Red Dog’s listing to learn more and reach out!

My Dog Trainer – Lisa White

Lisa White is a certified dog trainer in Barbados with over thirty years of experience. She is the owner of Mt Dog Trainer. According to her website, “Lisa’s top priority is helping you to understand, enjoy, and appreciate your well-behaved dog that becomes a part of your family. You will learn how to develop a better relationship with your dog through trust, understanding, and communication using reward-based, positive reinforcement training methods.”

Lisa offers private dogs training, group training, dog and baby acclimation, animal therapy, and virtual dog training. These sessions include fixing behavioral problems like aggression or jumping on people, as well as teaching commands. So give her a call to book an appointment!

Canine Camp – Nicholas Doyle

Canine Camp is a popular doggy daycare in Barbados. They offer many services, including dog boarding, sitting, and family hikes, to keep you and your pup active. In addition, Nicholas Doyle, the owner of Canine Camp, is a dog trainer too!

Like many other dog trainers in Barbados, Doyle offers basic training and behavioral modification. These are usually preceded by a home assessment, in which your dog’s needs are recorded. Once a plan is made, you can pay per session to have your dog trained over time. Feel free to reach out and ask a question if you are interested in Canine Camp’s services.

The Barbados Working Dog Association – Adrian Ward

The Barbados Working Dog Association is a non-profit club, which focuses on training dogs in the sport of Schutzhund, which is a protection dog sport. If this is your interest for your dog, you must become a member for $600 a year, and you’ll be able to access this training.

However, basic obedience group classes are also offered to the public in which your dog learns commands like sit, down, come, stay, and more. Adrian Ward is the President of the Association and the Training Director. If you are interested, contact them for more details.,

Paw R Us – Stefan

Stefan Philips is a local dog trainer who specializes in training, grooming, and board. He is the owner of Paws R Us. This business describes itself as “a small business with a lot of heart,” and his passion for dogs rings through in his article with Nation News.

His passion for a dog is further by his adoption and care for rescue dogs. In addition to his specialties, Stefan offers pet sitting and home visits to help you take care of your pup while you’re away. If you’d like more details, reach out to Stefan!

Other trainers

  • Red Line K9
  • Pawsibility

Now that you know a bit about dog training in Barbados, you’re ready to take the first step towards a healthier and happier life with your dog. A trained pup is what everyone wants, especially dog owners whose dogs live inside. 

Ensuring your dog respects the boundaries in your home and the pup does not destroy your possessions is an important consideration.

Whether it is behavioral training for dogs or simple obedience training, many services provide waiting for you to give them a call. Hunt through our website’s directory to get to know businesses that can help you take care of and spoil your pup!

When it comes to dog trainers in Barbados, you have a wide selection!

Many competent individuals devote themselves to helping your dog to become more obedient, loving, and considerate while teaching you as their owner how to handle them best. With their deep love and passion for pups, they even put their lives at risk to train aggressive dogs! So let’s talk about why you should train your dog and discover a few notable trainers that you can call to help you bond with and gain complete control of your dog.

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