Scholarship Opportunities for Barbadians

Scholarships for Barbadians

Education is an important part of the transition from childhood to adulthood. It is fundamental to improving your way of life and finding your dream job. However, education has become expensive, especially if you dream of learning overseas. Fortunately, you can apply for a scholarship!

Locate Barbados understands the importance of getting funding for education. We aim to help young people grasp opportunities to finance their undergraduate or post graduate experience. This article serves as a beginner’s guide to finding scholarships.

Before you apply to any scholarship, it is advised that you contact their sponsor! This is to validate their offer and confirm the continuation of each scholarship. They may not offer each scholarship every year.

Barbados Scholarship

The Barbados Scholarship

This scholarship for Barbadian students is extremely well-known. It is offered by our government for exceptional academic performance. Once you are Barbadian, you are eligible for these opportunities. To qualify, complete your CAPE examinations in 6th form. Earning 6+ Grade 1’s will grant you an exhibition or scholarship.

National Development Scholarship

The National Development Scholarship is offered by the Ministry of Education. It is for 18 to 40 years old’s pursuing an undergraduate or post-graduate degree. Learn more about it from the Government Information Service or call the Ministry of Education.

COB Scholarships

The City of Bridgetown Credit union offers an array of scholarships for Barbadians. These include Common Entrance Exams, CSEC, CAPE, SJPI, BCC, CCIAA, undergraduate studies and much more. However, many of these scholarships vary in size and carry an age limit, based on the exam or level of degree. Check out their website to find the application forms and the processes for each. You can find the intimate details for eligibility at the bottom of each form.

It should be noted that the consistent eligibility criteria for these scholarships is an active savings account with COB, containing up $550 (BDS) on said account.

Applications open each year after the release of results from major examination bodies, including Common Entrance, CSEC and CAPE. This is usually around August. Keep your eye on the prize! Study hard and don’t forget to check back with COB when it’s time to apply! Give them a call if you need more information.

BPWCCUL Scholarships

Like COB, the Barbados Public Worker’s Cooperative Credit Union Limited carries a range of scholarships for Barbadians. Scholarships are awarded to those who have completed either Common Entrance Exams, as well as CSEC and CAPE. Students looking to enter BCC, UWI or SJPI also have funding options.

In addition, if you have been awarded a Barbados Scholarship or Exhibition, BPWCCUL has additional funding for you. Finally, if you have taken out a student loan and there is a shortfall in education coverage, BPWCCUL offers a grant of up to $3000 per semester to make up your your funds.

Please note that scholarships may have an age limit and a funding limit. Also, many are dependent on your personal financial situation. The consistent eligibility criteria for these scholarships is an active savings account with BPWCCUL.

If you would like more information give BPWCCUL a call or read the information on their Scholarships & Grants page.

Barbados Canada Foundation

The Barbados Canada Foundation offers a few scholarships. Their most notable offer is through the John Rollock Memorial Scholarship. The Application from can be downloaded from this link.

Be warned, the site on which they host the application is unsecured. This does not delegitimatize the website or scholarship! Unfortunately, a security certificate on the site has expired. Because of this, so your browser will view it as a dangerous website. You may have to give your browser permission to view the site.

CARICOM Leadership Scholarship

This Canadian based Scholarship is another excellent option for those looking to study in Canada. It covers undergraduate and post graduate degrees. Time is ticking, quickly apply before the deadline of April 17th, 2021.

Another link.

Chevening Scholarship

This scholarship offers you a fully funded educational experience in the UK. This is for a one year Master’s Degree. Unfortunately, the scholarship is closed for applications. However, you can check with their website next year to apply!

OAS Scholarship

The Organization of American States has carried scholarships for Barbadians for years! These are a great option, if you are looking for larger scholarships that can cover a major portion of your expenses. They offer undergraduate and post graduate degrees, covering STEM, MBAs, Project Management and more! Learn about what the offer here!

Fullbright Scholarships (USA)

The US is a good place to study. Every year, Barbadians travel or relocate there. With this in mind, the U.S. Embassy offers the Fullbright Scholarships for Barbadian students, which have a range of options to choose from. Many of these scholarships are fully funded. If you want to learn more, head to the U.S. Embassy’s website.

Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes Trust offers a scholarship to study at Oxford University. Their comprehensive site states all that you need to know. They explain the costs they cover and the allowances the Rhodes Scholar may have. Recently, Barbadian, Mr. Trey Cumberbatch was the recipient of this award. You can do it too! Click here to learn more.

Browse all of our listed scholarships

Check with your University/College

Many universities carry a set of scholarships for incoming students. Some are earned through merit, some may be based on a particular degree program and finally, some are for international students only. If you have a specific university in mind, check their website or email Admissions to see if you are eligible for any available scholarship.

Additional Research

Although it may seem unlikely, scholarships for Barbadians are all around us! The following websites are blogs or scholarship search websites. The blogs are reading materials with links. In contrast, the scholarship search websites are listing websites. Colleges and other organizations list their scholarships there and specify their target students. Honestly, taking a scroll may be well worth your time.

Firstly, if you are looking for other scholarship opportunities for Barbadians click this link. This blog offers some basic insights to your options. Here, you can find information on quite a few interesting scholarships.

The second resource (listing site) available is called Scholarship Portals. Use the link to check out university specific scholarships that you may be eligible for.

A third, easy-to-use resource (listing site) is Scholarship Ads. Their intuitive website site makes it easy to find scholarships that meet your needs!

Finally, our current go-to research website for scholarships around the globe is Scholarship Positions. Use this research to find college specific scholarships.

Together, we will become aware of what else the world has to offer in education.

Other notable mentions include:

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Let’s get educated!

Carrying debt is a heavy burden. This is especially true for young people, who may find it difficult to land their first job. In addition, there is a lack of financial literacy among us. Subsequently, this breeds the potential for a difficult financial life. Scholarships give you an out that is 100% worth taking.

So, now that you have a few research tools, delve deep into the financial options you have. Work hard and ease, or better yet, eradicate your future debt!

Look forward to more articles like these in the future!

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