Crop Over Events in Summer 2022; We outside!

Crop Over Events in Barbados

At long last, we are returning to a state of everyday normal. And you know what that means… Crop Over events in Barbados are happening again!

After almost a year of just sitting in our houses, these events are going to haul a lot of partygoers and social butterflies!

What are the most popular Crop Over Events?

This is, of course, a trick question as the answer is EVERY. SINGLE. ONE! There are a myriad of places and events you can go to during Crop Over Barbados, and they range from slightly casual to extremely festive! 

Shall we get started?

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Bridgetown Market

Crop Over Events in Barbados
PORT OF SPAIN TRINIDAD W I FEBRUARY 5 2008 Smiling female masquerader in a feathered headdress takes part in Carnival Tuesday celebrations

Locally manufactured products, people as far as the eye can see, and perhaps the biggest street fair of the Crop Over season, is the Bridgetown Market. Crop Over events start off with this little nugget and it’s must see to add to your list. Whether it be the stalls of homemade jam and jewelry to bubble guns and stilt-walkers, if you’re up for a place to peruse for options and a good meal, then this is where it’s at!


Crop Over Events in Barbados
PORT OF SPAIN TRINIDAD W I FEBRUARY 5 2008 female masqueraders in costume handling snake at a band launching as part in Carnival Tuesday celebrations

Perhaps the most expected and important aspects of Crop Over events in Barbados is the Pic-O-De-Crop Calypso tent. Everyone from Comedians to Competitors alike come together to give some of the unique performances they were crafting for the season! It’s a gritty and hard fought competition that goes until the last Friday before Kadooment, where the Monarch becomes crowned from Eight finalists who fought their way through the sea of contestants!


Slang for “A stew with a variety of ingredients.” And the name can’t be any more fitting! Literally all things related to the carnival are at this event! They play music from not just Barbados, but The Caribbean across! Dance acts, MAS Bands and Dj Trucks are just some of what to expect! I think you know where you where I’ll be this summer cause it cannot miss me this year!

Fore Day Morning Jump

Crop Over Events in Barbados

Another top-tier event and this one happens just after the Pic-O-De-Crop! Called J’Ouvert in other Caribbean Carnivals, this event signals the Official start of the Crop Over weekend!

Party revellers dance, drink and get covered in beer, paint, mud, and each other’s costumes! 😉

Every year over 20-30,000 people attend this event that kicks off at 1am and goes until sunrise or just a little after. 

And what makes it such fun, you ask? Well, to take part in Fore Day Morning you must join a band! Some of the popular bands include names like Chocolate Army, Colorz, Lynx and Native

But don’t let that throw you off! Somewhere along the mass of bands, people always venture into other bands to greet friends and shout at other well-wishers. Though each band has its rules, it’s still a party without division, so jam away!

Grand Kadooment Day

Crop Over Events in Barbados

The Final Big Bang. It’s the Epic Finish. The one Crop Over event in Barbados that you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!!

Grand Kadooment Day is the final send off of the season and arguably the most joyous day in the calendar for Barbados. Colour, chaos and costumes are the menu for the day and trust me, we serve everything in only the best portions! 

I can only describe the Day with three words; memorable, tipsy and euphoric as everyone from the elderly to the toddlers can be seen engaging in the biggest known event of the year!

And guess what? MORE BANDS!!!!


Mas Bands usually have their costumes displayed as soon as the season begins (around May and June) so be sure to order yours as they sell quickly!

 So tell me in the comment section:

Where will you be going this Crop Over in Barbados?

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