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In the beautiful island nation of Barbados, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, swimming is more than a leisure activity—it’s a life skill. If you’re looking to find swim classes in Barbados, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into the importance of learning to swim, the variety of classes available, and where you can find them.

The Importance of Learning to Swim

Learning to swim is not only beneficial for your health and well-being, but it’s also a potentially life-saving skill. With our numerous beaches, water-based activities, and gran-gran’s warnings that “de sea ain’t got nuh back door,” knowing how to swim in Barbados is essential. Swimming also provides a full-body workout, improving cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility.

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When Should I Start Learning to Swim?

It’s never too early or too late to learn to swim. Swimming is a skill that can be acquired at any age, but starting young has its advantages. Children who learn to swim early are often more comfortable in the water and can develop a lifelong love for swimming.

Are there Baby Swim Classes in Barbados?

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Yes, there are! At Aquability, swimming classes for babies start as young as three months old. These classes take place in small groups, with a parent or carer accompanying each baby. The goal is to develop skills in propulsion, breath control, and buoyancy, all in a nurturing and playful environment. To ensure a safe and enjoyable water experience, safety, and confidence skills are also taught. You can learn more about Aquability’s baby swimming classes here.

How Old Is Too Old to Swim?

The answer is simple: You’re never too old to swim! Swimming is a low-impact activity, making it an excellent choice for individuals of all ages. It’s a great way to stay active and healthy and can also be therapeutic for those with joint or muscle issues.

Are there Swim Classes for Adults in Barbados?

Yes, many swim classes in Barbados cater to adults. Whether you’re a beginner looking to overcome your fear of the water, or an experienced swimmer wanting to refine your strokes, there’s a class for you.

Now, let’s explore some of the clubs that offer swim classes in Barbados. 

Swim Classes in Barbados

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Alpha Sharks Swim Club

Alpha Sharks Swim Club offers learn-to-swim and competitive swimming classes. You can contact them via email at alphasharksswimclub@gmail.com or visit their website here.

Dolphins Swim Club

Specializing in child and adult learn-to-swim, competitive swimming, triathlon, and vacation camps, Dolphins Swim Club is a great place to start. Reach out to Harold Lewis at (246) 268-6747 or email springboardbds@gmail.com.

Flying Fish Masters

For adults looking to learn to swim, Flying Fish Masters is a great option. Contact Isabel & Geoffrey King at (246) 238-9096.

High Tide Stingrays Swim Club

This club offers classes for all ages, including learn-to-swim, competitive swimming, and adult swimming. You can reach them at (246) 261-5739 / (246) 263-7177.

Pirates Learn to Swim and Pirates Swim Club

Offering child learn-to-swim and competitive swimming classes, you can contact them at pirateslittletreasures@gmail.com or (246) 266-9112 (WhatsApp only).


For toddler swimming and adult classes, reach out to Nick

I Hunte at (246) 572-5521 or email nicolerhunte@gmail.com.

Titans Aquatic Swim Team

Specialising in learn-to-swim and competitive swimming, you can contact them at (246) 244-2424 or titansaquaticswimteam@gmail.com.

Open Water Swimming Barbados

For those interested in open water swimming, visit their Facebook page: Open Water Swimming Barbados.

Swim Barbados Vacations

For a vacation with a swimming twist, contact them at (246) 437-2121 or email info@swimbarbadosvacations.com.

For further details on swim classes in Barbados, visit swimbarbados.com. Remember, whether you’re young or old, it’s never too late to take the plunge and learn to swim in Barbados!

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