Pizza Delivery in Barbados: 6 Restaurants to Visit

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With the wide variety of pizzas and pizza parlours in Barbados, customers would flock at the doors just to grab a bite. However, many of us like to stay in doors and have our food delivered to us. This is only possible now that we have pizza delivery in Barbados!

Here is a comprehensive list of pizza parlours that offer pizza delivery in Barbados.

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Which pizza restaurants have pizza delivery in Barbados? ​

Cornerstone Pizza

Cornerstone Pizza sells delicious pizzas. They offer pepperoni, ham, bacon, beef, chicken, pineapple, onions, sweet peppers, and more. Since toppings are optional, you can choose to make your pizzas vegetarian. 


Here are some reviews taken from Google Reviews:

“Very good pizza, best I have had in Barbados. service was excellent and delivery was very fast. Highly recommend it,” – Jack McGall.

“Delicious pizza and prompt delivery.” – Karen Chase

You can find more reviews on their website!

 Pizza Man Doc

Pizza Man Doc is one of the best places if you’re craving pizza in Barbados. This restaurant caters to both vegetarians and meat lovers alike. They offer toppings including onions, corn, peas, tuna, ham, bacon, mincemeat and more.


These are some of their reviews listed on Google Reviews:

“I enjoyed my pizza. It was hot and fresh.” Janelle Maxwell.

“Great taste, great price, convenient and easy to collect.” – Roger Bourne

You can find more reviews on their website!

Pita the Pizzeria

Pita the Pizzeria one one of the many pizza parlours in Barbados that offers both vegetarian and meat options for their pizzas. You can choose from a wide variety of sauces, meats, veggies, and finishes at Pita the Pizza.


You can find these reviews listed in Google Reviews:

“Good pizza. Marinara sauce is sweet.” – Patricia.

“My favorite Pizzeria! Lots of options to create a tasty pizza. The staff are friendly as well. Excellent pizza and customer service!!” – Tamara Boyce.

Visit their website for more reviews!

Johno’s Pizza

If you are interested in pizza delivery in Barbados, Johno’s Pizza is a great place to go. The meat and veggie pizzas at Johno’s Pizza are delicious.


Here are some reviews on Google Reviews:

“Best deal on the Island right now,” – Ricardo D

“Excellent taste of fast foods,” – Natalie Beckles

De Clay Oven

De Clay Oven is one of the top restaurants that sells pizza in Barbados. There are many pizza choices and toppings at De Clay Oven. This restaurant sells vegetarian pizzas too!


Here are some reviews from Google Reviews:

“Excellent vegan pizza. I look forward to going back to sample the spicy vegan,” – Michael Cave.

“Service is excellent. The pizza was very nice (loved the Alfredo sauce) and I quite enjoyed the Lucky Lemonade.” -Kelly Murrel.

Paradise Pizza

Paradise Pizza is another great option for pizza delivery in Barbados. This restaurant offers a variety of toppings to choose from, like pepperoni, ham, pineapple, corn and more.


Google Reviews provided the following reviews:

“As a Chef, I must say this pizza is scrumptious..” – Shines Shallows

“Pizza is always good. Staff is friendly and pleasant.” – Rohan Pennegan

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Price of Pizza Delivery in Barbados

Ordering MethodDelivery Prices
Cornerstone PizzaWhatsapp at: (246) 271-4330In St. Philip – $5
Outside St. Philip – $10
Pizza Man DocCall (246) 436-4571
Pita the PizzariaHopscotch website$17 – $30 based on location
Johno’s PizzaWhatsapp at (246) 261-3035Price based on location
De Clay OvenHopscotch website$17 – $30 based on location
Paradise PizzaCall (246) 435-6777
All prices are listed in Barbadian Dollar
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